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Daily Breads

Great Harvest of Taylorsville serves up some of the tastiest breads in Utah, each one starting with 5 pure ingredients. Each of our bakeries has a different daily bread schedule. Click the links below to see a list of our Taylorsville bakeries' daily breads, snacks, and treats!

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Gift Baskets

Great Harvest Bread Co. of Taylorsville is known, of course for its AMAZING bread! But that's not all we offer. We have tons of tasty delights to choose from in addition to our daily breads, including a full menu for breakfast, lunch, & desserts.

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Catering & Box Lunches

Need a reliable Taylorsville, Utah restaurant to cater your next office event, party, brunch, or wedding? Count on Great Harvest of Taylorsville, Utah to offer the best in catering with a variety of bread, healthy sandwiches, and tasty treats that everyone can agree on!

Taylorsville Bakery in Utah

Welcome to Our Great Harvest Taylorsville Bakery

Your whole grain bread headquarters in Taylorsville, Utah. From milling our own wheat daily to creating beautiful gift baskets, our passion for phenomenal baked goods is the reason for everything we do. Come by our Taylorsville bakery soon for a free slice of fresh bread! Enjoy the enticing aroma and warm surroundings of your neighborhood Taylorsville Great Harvest Bread Co.